13 Esay Step To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post 2019

        Hi Friends, Welcome To Digital Web Show. Today we are learn about How can write SEO friendly Blog Post Simple And easy 13 Step, Which is help to rank in Google First Page. If You are follows this method Your Blog or Website Go Rank in Google First page 100%. It's Guaranty if Your Post Not Rank Than Email Us We are help you to rank Free.
How to Write Seo Friendly Post 2019-Blogging Tips
How to Write SEO Friendly Post 2019-Blogging Tips

Let's Start
How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post.

First of all Buy Domain which is include Your Main Keyword Example: GujaratJob.com etc here main keyword is Job.

Than Connect Your Domain To Blog If You are Facing any Problem to connect Domain Than Read Our Post Which is How to connect Custom Domain with Blog.

When Completed above step than start write Post For Your Blog Following Given Steps.

1:Write Blogpost Title

Write Blog Post Appropriate Title In Our Example : 13 Step To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post 2019

2:SEO Friendly URL For Your Post

Set Blog post URL. URL also consider Your Blog Post title. It's Known as "Permalink" In Our Example : https://www.yourdomain.com/13-step-to-write-seo-friendly-blogspot-2019.html
How can Add Custom URL in Blogger
How can Add Custom URL in Blogger

Add Custom URL in Blog
Add Custom URL in Blog
3:Write Proper Labels(Know as Meta Tags) For Your Blogpost
Write Proper Label For Your Blogspot. Label is rank 1st in google compare to blogpost or pages. So that please remember write label Carefully also separate label using comma. In Our Example: How to write Blogspot, write SEO Friendly Blogpost, rank in google first page, SEO Tips 2019, 13 easy step to write seo friendly post, how write blogpost.
How To Add Label Or Meta Tag In Blogger
How To Add Label Or Meta Tag In Blogger
This all our label which write our label section. Labels is also known as Meta Tag in Blog.

4: How To Write Meta Description for your Blogpost

Meta Description is stand for hart of your post. in Meta Description we are write about our post what tell. Meta Description is one of the Ranking factor which is help to rank in google first page so that write carefully Meta Description. must remember Your Post Keyword must write in Meta Description. In Our Example: In this post we are tell about How to write SEO Friendly Post For Your Blogs. Here our main keyword is How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post. 

Meta description display where anyone search your post like How To write SEO Friendly Blog Post than First line is Your Post Title, Second is your Post URL, Third one is Meta Description. See image as given under For Better Understand.
Title , Blog URL, Meta Description in Blog
Title , Blog URL, Meta Description in Blog
Where write Meta Description in Blogspot
When Open Write New Post Tab Than Right side you will see Search Description. Click On It and Write Here Your Meta Description. Than Click Done. Your Meta Description is Ready.
Search Description in Blogger
Search Description in Blogger
5. How To add Images in Blogpost
Image very attractive Fields for attract to visitor so that use best image Quality, Size. and Note image is not bigger size so that your blog or website speed get high if you are use 1 mb size image than loading time is more than 1 minutes so that comperes image. 35kb Size is recommended remember your image quality is better in this size. 

Go to Image Icon in main bar- than Popup new window where you will see upload button click on it and upload your image in blogger post.

6. How to add image caption in Blogger

When add image in blog than write image caption. image caption is about your image for example is you are update car image than must write in image caption like Red Fortune Car. Image caption helps to rank your image in google images so that you will get traffic from google images. For Better Understand See below image.

Method Of Add Image Caption In Blogger

Select Image when uploaded image in blogpost. Click on Add Caption and Write Here Your Image Caption.
Add Image Caption in Blogger
Add Image Caption in Blogger
7. How to add image ALT text in Blogger
Image ALT Text Help to when your image not loaded in post when your visit your post than this image ALT text Display So that visitor easy understand Your Post.

Method Of Add Image ALT text in Blog Post

Select Your Image Than click on Properties than popup one window in this window you will see Image Properties Like Image Title & Image ALT Text. Enter Your Image ALT text in ALT Text Field That's it. And Also Add Image Title In Image Title Field.
Add ALT text And Title Text In Image For Blogger
Add ALT text And Title Text In Image For Blogger
8. How Add Keywords in your Blog Post
When You Write Blog or Make Website Than Keywords is Play Main Role in Your Blog Or Website. So that First of all recherche about your keyword than write any post. remember when you write 1000 words in one article than one 10% You will use your keyword. Now Let's Put Keyword in your Post or website Following ways.

In First Paragraph Must Use Your Main Keyword, Than Write 3 to 5 Paragraph and Write lookalike Keyword in Your Post Than Add Subtitle keyword using Bullets etc. More Understand See Our Post Structure Of Keyword and Observe it. Make Bold, Underline, Italic, Set Color of Your Keywords it's very important. Use H1, H2, H3, B(BOLD), I(Italic), U (Underline) HTML tage in your blog Post. 

9. Add Conclusion in Your Post

When Complete Your Post Than Lastly Write Hart Of Post it's know as Last Words, Conclusion, Hart Of Post. It's understand for Little Paragraph Our Post.

10.Internal Linking in Your Post 

Must Include Other Page which is same Categories of this post and add that post link which is related this post and Use Super Sonic Encore Text of that post.
Internal Linking In Blogger
Internal Linking In Blogger
11. Optimize Your Blogs HTML Tags
Not Use more space Between Paragraph. Delete Tage which is not use in post. Use common Text Color, Text Size, Font Family tage so that when crwl your page than find useful tage of HTML.

12.How To Submit Post URL to Search Engine Like Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo etc. 

When completed Your Post than Publish Post and Copy Your Post URL & Submit Your URL to Google and Other Search Engine to crwl Your Post.

13.Use Simple Language to Write Post

When You Write Blog Post Than Remember Your Language which is use to write blog post which is understandable to all pepole like 15 year People or 60 Year people. Use Simple Words which is easy to read and understandable. Write Your Post all visitor who is understand simple knowledge like Gujarati, Hindi, English, France etc.

How To Write SEO Friendly BlogPost watch Video For Better Understaand

Now Your Post Ready For SEO.

Not Doing More For your Post when follow above Steps. It's Enough To rank in Google or Other Search Engine.

Last Words:

We are Publish this article for Write SEO Friendly Blog Post Who is Don't Know How to write SEO Friendly Post I Hope It's Help You If You are facing any confusion than feel free in comment Box.

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