Camtasia 2019 Shortcut Keys For Windows

         Camtasia 2019 is most of useful videos editing software in the world. Most of Camtasia software use in Windows OS. Windows OS is normally use by all people so we are provide Camtasia 2019 Shortcut keys For Windows OS.

          Shortcut Keys is helping to use camtasia very fast & quick work so that remember all camtasia 2019 windows shortcut keys.

          You are also reassigned shortcut keys by go to Edit - Preference - Shortcuts Menu in camtasia 2019 software.

Camtasia 2019 Shortcut Keys For Windows
Camtasia 2019 Shortcut Keys For Windows

Camtasia 2019 Shortcut Keys For Windows

Recording Shortcut Keys
F9 Pause / Resume
F10 Stop
Shift + M Add Marker
Editing Shortcut Keys
N Annotations
S Split
Seriod Step Forward
Comma Step Backward
Space Bar Play / Pause
Shift + A Custom Animation
Shift + T Add Last Transition
Shift + M Add Marker
Ctrl + G Group
Ctrl + U Ungroup
Ctrl + ] Next Marker
Ctrl + [ Previous Marker
Ctrl + +/- Zoom In & Zoom Out
Ctrl + Shift + S Split All
Ctrl + Shift + I Stitch
Alt:1. Hold Alt, then click and drag the handle of an object on the canvas to crop the object. 2. Hold Alt, mouse over the edge of a clip on the timeline, then click and drag to extend the frame of that clip.
Shift: 1. Hold Shift while moving media to move all other media on the same track 2. Hold Shift while moving the playhead to split and move all media at once

      Okey Guys I Hope You This Post Will Help You To Better Use of Camtasia Software. Remember This all shortcut keys of camtasia 2019.

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